Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring is Here - Potato Salad

It was a beautiful spring day today and I needed to celebrate with a summer supper. It was the perfect time to make potato salad. The radishes at the grocery store were like gorgeous jewels and I had to buy them.

This is a simple recipe (although I don't really have a recipe). The ingredients are potato, eggs, celery, onion, red pepper and those gorgeous radishes. They are all mixed together with mayo and my Grandma's salad dressing but I'm getting ahead of myself here. I made enough to fill a large mixing bowl (or enough for our dinner and to take some to my sister, Connie's house for theirs ;)

Cook and cube the potatoes. Boil 6 or 7 eggs. Cut up the vegetables - a quarter of a red pepper, finely diced, a stalk or two of celery sliced, 3 Tbsp of sweet onion finely diced, 2 green onions sliced and half a dozen radishes cut into crescents.

In a large mixing bowl, add all the vegetables, season with salt and pepper and if you have fresh dill and parsley, add them! I use dry herbs even if I don't have fresh as it adds to the flavour.

The eggs are one of the most important ingredients. I chop them up in the salad and place slices on top as well. I use my handy dandy egg slicer to slice up all the peeled boiled eggs. If they haven't peeled well, those are the ones I chop. Once I save the slices from the middle of each egg that have the most of the yolk showing, I chop up the slices from each egg and add those to the salad as well.

I add about half a cup of mayo and half a cup of homemade salad dressing. Once it is stirred up, you'll know if you need a bit more.

Spoon your salad into your serving bowl and top with egg slices.  I like to sprinkle some paprika over the top as well....then taste some summer!

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