Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chicken Quesadillas

Tonight I decided to make chicken quesadillas for dinner.  I've never made them before and I didn't have a recipe so I just winged it.  They tasted pretty good but they weren't pretty!

For 2 servings, I used one boneless chicken breast, one small pepper and half a medium sweet onion.  I started by slicing up the onion and pepper and cooked it in a little olive oil seasoned with some salt and pepper.  I set that aside in a bowl and added another couple of tsp of olive oil to the pan.  I stirred a tsp of taco seasoning into the oil and stir fried the chicken pieces.  I felt it needed a little brightening so I squeezed half a lime into the pan when the chicken was almost done.

I grated some cheddar cheese (It was good but next time I think I'd use Jack or a cheese that had jalapeno added to it for extra flavour).  In a clean pan, I added a little olive oil and placed a soft taco in the pan, next a sprinkling of cheese, half of the chicken, onions and peppers, topped with another sprinkle of cheese and another soft taco.  Cook until cheese melts and taco is browned.  This time I cooked it a little too long but next time, I'll keep a closer eye on it.  Serve with a little salsa and sour cream and enjoy!

Stay tuned cause I'm going to start my Christmas baking soon...

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