Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chicken Tuesday

Tuesday February 8, 2010

The menu tonight is Chicken Diane, Egg Noodles and Sugar Snap Peas.  An excellent way to whip up a 30 minute dinner on a weeknight using boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Take a few minutes to prep and then it will take 30 minutes start to  finish.  Put a pot of water on to boil as you prep the snap peas (I wash them and trim both ends and  pull the string from them - see below).

Slice up 2 green onions (or a couple of Tbsps of finely diced sweet or cooking onion), a pkg of mushrooms (or buy them pre-sliced), grate a garlic clove on the micro-plane and chop up a couple of Tbsps of fresh parsley (or use a couple of tsps dry).

Okay - your prep is done. Your water should be boiling. Put your sugar snap peas in for 3 minutes to blanch and then put them in a pan with a tsp of butter and a slice of ginger. Stir fry them during the last 5 minutes (I'll tell you when ; )

You need another pot of boiling water for the noodles so put it on and put the pasta in as soon as it boils.  Keep your eye on it and drain it when it's ready.

Now to cook the chicken breast (washed boneless skinless trimmed chicken breasts). Put a Tbsp or less of olive oil in a pan.  Heat oil and add chicken breasts.  Season with salt and pepper. Cook on both sides until brown and pretty much cooked through (10 to 15 minutes)

When the chicken breasts are almost done, add the mushrooms and a tsp of butter.  If you are using sweet or cooking onion, you add it now.  If you are using green onion, add it at the end.

Cook the mushrooms until the water from  them evaporates (between 5 and 10 min).  Prepare the sauce meanwhile. In a 2 cup measure, spoon in one cup of sour cream, 2 Tbsp of cream and 3 to 4 Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce and stir well to combine.

When the  mushrooms are cooked, add the garlic to the pan.  Cook stirring for a minute.  Then add the sauce, turn heat down to medium.  Add  the green onion and parsley.

You are going to simmer the sauce for 5 minutes to heat through.  Turn up the heat on your sugar snap peas  and stir fry them.   Your pasta will be ready and should be drained (if you haven't already done it).  When the peas are warmed through, add a  spritz of orange juice.

You are now ready to plate.   It took me 35 minutes from start to finish including prep to get this meal on the table tonight and it was delicious!  Enjoy...

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