Saturday, February 4, 2012

Veggie Cream Cheese

This morning I made my veggie cream cheese for bagels for our weekend breakfast.  They were yummy and easy to make.  They are also cheaper and healthier than the store bought version.  I buy larger quantities of cream cheese (like I did at Costco) or get it on sale at the grocery store.  This is one of those recipes I call "kitchen sink" recipes.  Basically you add everything but...

Look in the fridge - see what you have, what you like and what is fresh.  Those are your ingredients.

I scooped the cream cheese into a bowl after I have let it soften a bit (while I had my first coffee ;)  Then I prepared the veggies - I always add shredded carrot and some diced pepper.  This time, I had red pepper in the fridge.  I also grated a small clove of garlic and finely diced half a slice of onion.  Usually I like to slice green onions into the cheese instead of garlic and onion.  Sometimes I add finely diced cucumber or chopped spinach.  I like to add fresh herbs - usually dill and parsley.  This time I didn't have anything fresh so I used dried dill.  Nice but not as nice as fresh. 

Stir together, toast your bagel and voila breakfast is ready...


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