Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 3 Week 4

I didn't write yesterday because I was too hot!  It was a hot, humid, muggy kind of day and I just didn't have the heart to stick to my menu planning when it meant turning the oven on.  I started out well - having a banana for breakfast and lunch at Sandy's - fruit, veggies & dip, cheese and lettuce rolls with ground pork and vegetable matchsticks.  Tasty and healthy, but then I couldn't face turning on the oven for dinner.  We ended up having take-out chicken sandwiches and take-out sucks!

So today I'm back on track - Cheerios for breakfast.

I decided to put the oven on at lunch while I had the air-conditioning running (I know, I know - not very eco-conscious).  We had cheese souffle with tender young spinach and arugula drizzled with mango vinegar.

This is the best cheese souffle recipe I've tried yet.  It's on Sharon's blog and you should try it too.  I'll be using this recipe from now on.

Dinner was won ton soup.  I went to Minh's grocery downtown this afternoon and bought some pork and leek won tons that I cooked in chicken broth with sliced green onion.  Very tasty food today.  I need some more fruit and vegetables and will do a little grocery shopping tomorrow.

I'm having cereal again tomorrow for breakfast and I'm planning on meeting friends for lunch.  We are having a BBQ hamburger with tomato and onion and a little salad.  Maybe some fruit for dessert.

My sister Cathy is coming for a visit and they are taking us out for dinner on Friday.  We'll go to the farmer's market on Saturday morning and I'll consult Cathy about the menu as I know she is having some gall bladder problems and we wouldn't want to aggravate them.


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  1. I commend you for sticking to a diet, and trying to eat healthy. Way to go, it's easy to just take a wrong turn in the summer, all those temptations, won't list them, they will make me want them, lol.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams