Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 6 Week 5 - Ribfest

We had dinner at my sister's today.  It was a wickedly hot day and we spent the afternoon in her pool and then had a real summer dinner.  Ribs that she first smoked for 6 hours and then BBQ'd with Mom's sauce (recipe on blog).  She made coleslaw and I made scalloped potatoes.  Fresh bread and corn on the cob rounded out the meal.

For dessert, she made a no-bake pie.  A crust made from crushed ginger cookies and a spoon of butter, filled with vanilla pudding and topped with fresh raspberries.

I got up too late for breakfast today ;) and lunch was a tomato and cheese sandwich.  I also had a handful of crackers and cheese.  My goal of losing a pound a week is still working.

Tomorrow I'm planning a poached egg on toast for breakfast, a couple of ribs and fresh veggies for lunch and chicken pot pie for dinner.  Talk tomorrow...


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