Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 4 Week 6

Tuna casserole was dinner tonight.  Breakfast was Cheerios.  So far, so good but I went for a drive with my sister, stopped at Mirrors outside of Apsley.  We sat on the patio at gorgeous Paudash Lake, had a nice long talk, a Stella Artois draft annnnd  fish and chips.  Ok I said it.  Proves I shouldn't leave too much time between meals and I can at least feel good that I ate about 2/3s of the food on plate instead of licking it clean....

Tomorrow I plan on Cheerios for breakfast, corn on the cob with Becel margarine (not butter) for lunch, a peach for a snack and Polynesian Meatballs for dinner (cutting the recipe in half).

On Saturday, I am attending an afternoon birthday party, a 50th birthday party for all the girls that we could reconnect with from high school.  Yes High School yes 50 years old.  Some of  these girls I haven't seen for 30 years.  I'm very excited and a little bit nervous.  My memory isn't the best due to my manic depression and of course I weigh about 100 lbs more than I did then (no sorry, I only wish I was exaggerating).  Anyways, I am making a curried rice salad tomorrow to take for the potluck so I will post it.



  1. All your meals always look good. When I get back home I'm going to start making a lot of your recipes.

    Check out my son's nutrition blog sometime - I think you'll find his story interesting. He lost 85 lbs.

  2. I'm making tuna casserole for dinner this evening. I make a gourmet version and it's so tasty I tend to over eat when I make it.
    Have a good time getting together with your high school chums for a 50th birthday party. It's a novel idea having a group birthday party with people you haven't seen in such a long time. Next year it will be 50 years since I was in high school. Haven't seen anyone from back then in years and wouldn't know any of them if I did see them. We all seem to change as we grow older. Enjoy your weekend.