Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Rough Weekend

Did you think I dropped off the face of the earth or off my healthy eating plan so disastrously that I can't face you??  Good news - it was neither of those things.  I have been very busy with house guests and day trips and meals out and just haven't had the time to stay in touch.  Also, I didn't want to take pictures of all the things I've eaten lately - butter tarts, ice cream cones, cookies, prime rib beef dip sandwiches with fries, and Red Lobster's creamy crab fettuccine (not to mention the alcoholic drinks).  However, I did employ portion control and for almost every unhealthy thing I ate, I decided how much I wanted and then I halved it.  The result is I didn't gain any weight (I didn't lose any) but I didn't gain!

Right now that is enough to make me happy.  I'll get back on track and plan some meals and let you know...

(PS the picture above is my brother's cat, Kitty.  She's on a diet too.  I think that's why she looks so glum)

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  1. Jules you are a hoot! Good work for the week! Enjoyed the road trip - will have to plan something even more exciting for August