Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pan-Fried Steak

Yep, pan-fried, not BBQ'd.  I ended up with a sinus headache and just couldn't face the heat and sunshine in my "courtyard" with my headache pounding.  So I replicated one of my late father's favourite meals.   Pan-fried steak with mushrooms and onions, home fries with pan gravy and beets.  Yummy...

So, quite simple - potatoes were boiled until cooked, then sliced and browned in some olive oil at dinner time.  Beets were baked in the oven until cooked through (and no, I didn't put the oven on just for'll see) and then cooled, peeled and reheated in the microwave.  The steak was fried in a Tbsp of olive oil and mushrooms and onions were added after the steak was cooked on one side and flipped.  When finished, the meat and veg were kept warm.  The steaks were extremely lean so I added 2 tsp of butter to the pan and one heaping Tbsp of flour.  I stirred together and added a cup of wine and a cup of water and stirred til thickened.  Plate it and enjoy.

And the reason the oven was on...

Yes, you are right.  This is my mum's scrumptious apple crisp with vanilla ice cream on the side.   Ahhhh, heaven...



  1. Here we go again, now I am starving, and I have to eat cereal for breakfast, lol.

    Great idea, love that apple crisp.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams