Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I just posted last night`s dinner.  I didn`t include the recipe for cauliflower soup because I follow the same directions for broccoli soup.  You can look that up on my blog if you would like directions.  I always make soup after we`ve had broccoli or cauliflower with cheese sauce.  If you make a little extra, then you can make a great easy soup a day or two later.

Thanks for the e-mails I`ve gotten with words of support.  I did go a little off the rails and gained 2 lbs back but have now dropped 3 so 23 lbs down since January 1st.

And for those who asked about my missing chicken burger recipe, that is a long story that I won`t go into but rest assured that I will put it on the menu again.  If you want the recipe in the meantime, drop me an e-mail and I`ll pass Allyson`s recipe on to you.


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  1. keep on,Julie - you are doing great

    ps thanks for the burger recipe - looks like something I can make lol