Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 4 and counting

Today was a struggle.  My body is starting to crave things, starchy, crunchy, savoury things.  Hello carbs.  So, there was a small slip this afternoon.  We went to Mark's Work Warehouse for the sale at 5 pm (and yes I was feeling deprived and starving) and didn't they put out a spread of donuts and cookies and cinnamon buns.  How strong do they think I am!!!  I think there were a few old dears there just for the coffee and snacks.  Anyhoo, succumbed to a chocolate chip cookie.  It was sooo good.

If you look at my pictures, you can see why the cookie got me.  I had Cheerios and a nectarine for breakfast and when I went out to lunch with the girls, I had sliced-white-meat-chicken-on-toasted-rye-with-no-butter-and-a-smidge-of-mayo-with-a-diet-Pepsi.  Oh did I feel deprived by that.  I am a social eater so I need to be more generous with Thursday lunch.  If I'm not, the cookie monster will get me again.

So as a result, the dinner menu changed, fish just wouldn't cut it tonight.  We drove to Lakefield to the butcher shop and got a couple of melt-in-your-mouth sirloin strips that I BBQ'd.  Instead of stuffed mushrooms, I cut the calories by pan frying some onion in a little olive oil.  The potatoes were BBQ'd in a little olive oil and sliced tomato replaced green beans.  The green beans looked sad at the grocery store this week.  There's no local ones yet.  Maybe I'll get to the market this Saturday and see if we have any local veg and fruit.

I also had another nectarine for dessert...

Tomorrow's menu is peanut butter toast and banana for breakfast, a hot dog for lunch and we'll try for the salmon again tomorrow.  Maybe it will be a fish day ;).


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