Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Five Week One - Diet Interruptus

Hi all - wanted to let you know that dinner plans have changed again today.  My sister, Connie called this morning and invited us for dinner.  We gratefully said yes.  I have been working on carpet and upholstery cleaning this week.  Definitely not something I want to do for a living.  It is hard physical work and I'm exhausted but it's done.

I had breakfast in the CLEAN sunroom and drank my coffee while gazing out the window at my garden. (Ignore that the grass/weeds need cut - I did).

I followed the plan for breakfast and lunch.

So check back and I'll take pictures at dinner and post tonight.  Looks like salmon tomorrow...

Hi - me again.  I forgot to take my camera but my sweet niece, Allyson took a picture of my plate with her I-phone...

Here's dinner - BBQ Buffalo chicken wings, coleslaw, pasta salad, green salad and baked beans. I didn't eat the bread and butter or the homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie.  Everyone was raving about the pie, made with fresh local fruit but luckily I hate rhubarb.  I did have a sip of Eric's beer and a few low-fat crackers.

Tomorrow's menu is poached egg on toast, butternut squash soup and jalapeno popper chicken with salad.  We'll see how this goes...


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