Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day Seven Week One

Today was not a food-centric day.  I wasn't very hungry and didn't really care about cooking or eating today...

Breakfast was Cheerios and a little while later I had a banana.  It was after 2 pm when I realized I hadn't had any lunch so I had some cheese and crackers.  These crackers are excellent - Mary's from Costco.  I'll take a picture of the box tomorrow.  They are really tasty and actually good for you.  Dinner was a piece of pork schnitzel fried in a little olive oil and served with tomato sauce over spaghetti, topped with fresh mozzarella cheese.  I'm happy to report that I ate slowly and just until I was full so almost 2/3 of this bowl was left over.

Tomorrow starts week two so weigh in will happen before breakfast.  I have to say whether I've lost anything or not, I'm feeling healthier, stronger and more energetic this past week.  For all those reasons,    it is worth any deprivation I have felt twhile I am learning new habits.

For breakfast, I am having Cheerios.  The girls are coming tomorrow afternoon for Rummi-Cube and lunch.  I am serving veggies with  herb dip, Boursin cheese with Mary's crackers, pork and vegetable rice-paper spring rolls and fruit for dessert.  We will follow up with sausage on a bun for dinner.


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